How does it all fit together? Why are we on the web AND on a collection of social media sites? Each part synergistically fits together to help us communicate to other real estate investors using FacebookMeetup, and the website?


It all started with a Facebook group for real estate investors in Connecticut. The idea was a resource for Connecticut real estate investors to communicate on a daily basis. Yes, there are organizations that meet once a month, and they have their place. Yes, many of us have coaches we meet with either in person, or by phone on a weekly or month basis. Yes, there seem to be more of those monthly meeting groups every week, but questions about real estate investment comes up every day.


Next, our own Meetup groupCT RE Investors. It has grown to close to 600 members. We started with 2 conference call Meetups a month, and and an interview format with local investors and companies that support investors. By the way, we are always looking for people to speak! What is your unique selling proposition? Between Facebook, Meetup, this website, and other social sites, speakers will likely get thousands of impressions.

Our Website

Now this website, CT Real Estate Investors. A place to put recordings (and soon video) of previous conference call Meetups, and maybe a place to help your website SEO, and to grow your social media sites. The site offers an opportunity to promote your business and yourself.

What Do You Say On the Phone? Fair Housing with Bob DeCosmo – Announce

By aadmin | April 27, 2018

Do you know what to say on the telephone? With the Connecticut legislation session coming to an end, Bob will discuss recent laws that affect landlords in Connecticut, and give tips on how to avoid Fair Housing violations on the phone and in person. When: Thursday, April 4, 2018, 7PM Where: Register Here Bob DeCosmo…

Interview With Mortgage Loan Officer Matthew Kelleher – Announce

By Edward Weinberg | January 26, 2018

Click to Watch 2/1 At 7PM If you are a real estate investor doing flips or have a buy-and-hold strategy, or a real estate agency, eventually you or your buyer will need to get a mortgage loan.  In order to qualify our self, or our buyer, it is important to know what banks are looking for.

Chris Salem, Prosperneur™

Interview with Motivational Speaker, Chris Salem – Announcement

By Edward Weinberg | December 18, 2017

Interview with Motivational Speaker and Prosperneur™, Chris Salem. Chris will tell us how mindfulness will get us better focused so we can close more deals!

New Landlord-Tenant Laws In Connecticut Interview Announcement

By Edward Weinberg | November 24, 2017

RSVP If you have rental properties, or plan to, you need to hear about the new landlord-tenant laws that took effect on October 1, 2017.  Some of them are minor, but if you don’t know one of them it could be a felony with criminal penalties!

Eviction In Connecticut With Venoal Fountain

By Edward Weinberg | November 7, 2017

If you own rental property, sooner or later you are going to need to evict someone.  Eviction law varies greatly

Sean "The Short Sale King" Wilder

Short Sale Interview with Expert Sean Wilder

By Edward Weinberg | October 26, 2017

If you are an investor or a real estate agent, you probably run across houses that are worth less than the value of their mortgage.  Sean “The Short Sale King” Wilder explains the solution:  A “short sale”.

Jonathan Makovsky

Real Estate Meetup At Crave, Fairfield

By Edward Weinberg | October 26, 2017

Jonathan Makovsky and Travis Preziosi host a real estate investor Meetup the third Wednesday each month at 7PM (except November and December) at Crave, 52 Sanford St, Fairfield, Connecticut 06824. What I like about it is that it is informal, and we spend most of our time mingling and networking. You might meet attorneys, contractors,…

Venoal M. Fountain, Jr.

Interview With An Eviction Attorney – Announce

By Edward Weinberg | October 20, 2017

No matter how carefully you select your tenants, some day you are going to need to evict one.  What’s the process? Can I do it myself?  How long does it take?

The best floor covering?

By Edward Weinberg | October 16, 2017

What’s the best?  What floor covering you use depends on the location, and the price point of the house.  Traditionally, hard wood is what people like today, but vinyl plank, and even better, vinyl tile (in the kitchen) look like the best option in a house if you want to save some money,  Let’s look…

Hard Money Interview with Joe Zaniboni

Hard Money for Real Estate Investors

By Edward Weinberg | October 9, 2017

An interview with Joe Zaniboni of Grand Coast Capital Preamble Why hard money?  As real estate investors, when we find a deal, we need to move fast.  Conventional banks don’t understand our needs, and often don’t have products that match those needs.  First, we try to get money from sourced we have cultivated.  If that…