Be A Guest Speaker

You could be a Guest Speaker!

  • Can you speak about a topic that Connecticut Real Estate Investors want to hear about?
  • You have a company that supports investors?
  • Have some unique way you invest?
  • Need partners for a specific project?

What will you talk about?

Generally your talk is going to be about your specialty.  Yes, you can introduce your company or service, but when you speak, attendees of the conference call have to be able to walk away with some value they can use.

Our conference calls typically last about an hour.  We start with introductions of the attendees, then our guest speaking for about 45 minutes.

We have had speakers who speak on

  • Hard money
  • Mortgages
  • Home inspection
  • Legal topics

What do you get?

your Name and company are likely to be seen by a cast of thousands, which include both beginner and seasoned investors, real estate agents, and other people who support investors.

We publicize our conference call meetups on a variety of web and social media sites, including:


  • Our Meetup Group, CT RE Investors, where over 650 investors, real estate agents, and others will get multiple touches by email and on our Meetup wall.
  • Between our Facebook Group CT RE Investors (over 245 investors and Agents), and other places our meeting announcements appear, between 300 and 1000 people get at least one touch.
  • Here on, where your audio and a transcription will live, complete with links to your site.

Contact us today so we can schedule you! (203) 693-4699