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Short Sale Interview with Expert Sean Wilder

Sean "The Short Sale King" Wilder

Sean “The Short Sale King” Wilder If you are an investor or a real estate agent, you probably run across houses that are worth less than the value of their mortgage.  Sean “The Short Sale King” Wilder explains the solution:  A “short sale”. Ed Weinberg: Sean, tell me about what you do, who you are,…

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The best floor covering?

What’s the best?  What floor covering you use depends on the location, and the price point of the house.  Traditionally, hard wood is what people like today, but vinyl plank, and even better, vinyl tile (in the kitchen) look like the best option in a house if you want to save some money,  Let’s look…

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Hard Money for Real Estate Investors

Hard Money Interview with Joe Zaniboni

An interview with Joe Zaniboni of Grand Coast Capital Preamble Why hard money?  As real estate investors, when we find a deal, we need to move fast.  Conventional banks don’t understand our needs, and often don’t have products that match those needs.  First, we try to get money from sourced we have cultivated.  If that…

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