Who we are

How does it all fit together? Why are we on the web AND on a collection of social media sites? Each part synergistically fits together to help us communicate to other real estate investors using Facebook, Meetup, and the website?


It all started with a Facebook group for real estate investors in Connecticut. The idea was a resource for Connecticut real estate investors to communicate on a daily basis. Yes, there are organizations that meet once a month, and they have their place. Yes, many of us have coaches we meet with either in person, or by phone on a weekly or month basis. Yes, there seem to be more of those monthly meeting groups every week, but questions about real estate investment comes up every day.


Next, our own Meetup group, CT RE Investors. It has grown to close to 600 members. We started with 2 conference call Meetups a month, and and an interview format with local investors and companies that support investors. By the way, we are always looking for people to speak! What is your unique selling proposition? Between Facebook, Meetup, this website, and other social sites, speakers will likely get thousands of impressions.

Our Website

Now this website, CT Real Estate Investors. A place to put recordings (and soon video) of previous conference call Meetups, and maybe a place to help your website SEO, and to grow your social media sites. The site offers an opportunity to promote your business and yourself.